All Clean Eating – A Simple Guide for Beginners

Clean eating is becoming more popular these days and everybody’s talking about it. But what does that mean? Is it good or bad for your health? Let’s find out about the pros, cons, and recommendations of this trendy yet ancient diet.

To Eat Clean? What Does That Mean?

Clean eating is about eating foods that have the least amount of processing ingredients, including no sugars, no colourants, or additives. Forget about fried foods and booze, as with clean eating you will never try a Big Mac again.

Think of it as how our great-grandparents used to eat back in the days when junk food didn’t exist.

Believers of this diet claim that this is more of a lifestyle, not just a way to lose a few pounds in a week. It still does not have proven scientific results and you have to be aware of the nutrient reinforcement that must be considered if you are going to leave aside certain types of food.

All Clean Eating A Simple Guide for Beginners egg salad - All Clean Eating - A Simple Guide for Beginners


Focus on whole foods, mostly vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and unprocessed grains. Consumers will lose weight since you are reducing the saturated fat intake. With clean eating, you’ll feel energized, and will enjoy its cardiovascular and digestive benefits.

It is considered a life philosophy rather than a nutritional diet, as it reduces calories while improving your health. When consumers opt for this balanced diet, they can obtain many nutrients. Managing and balancing this diet is mandatory.


It can be expensive for some people to access gluten-free and unsweetened products or even organic food. Besides, if you don’t have a calorie limit you could end up overeating. Also, participants need to be constantly monitoring what they eat to make sure they are eating the right amount of nutrients and some meals can take hours to be cooked.

Tips and Recommendations

Drink a lot, a lot of water. This will help you satisfy hunger and control what you eat. After all, we are made of 60% water. Try to plan your meals weekly, as this allows having a balanced menu while avoiding indulging on urges and not hunger instead. Look at the labels of the products to avoid eating something you should not.

Certainly, all extremes are bad when it comes to changing a lifestyle. By following simple rules, you can manage to follow this diet. Just try to be creative when choosing ingredients, as some people become very obsessed and can have counterproductive results.