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My name is Harley O’Sullivan and I live in Sydney, Australia. I was taught to connect my spirit with a deity. Over time, I realized that something else was missing and decided to enter into the world of science. I started working as a social scientist for a company that did social studies through surveys.

After working with them, I decided to leave and tried to find myself towards more holistic education. I started teaching yoga classes for my friends and family until somehow, I managed to launch a magazine about fitness, healthy eating, and mindfulness.

Later, I created Karma Café and Fitness to help others as I’ve always wanted. With a team that supports me, we work together to offer the best information to lead you to a healthier life. Here, you will find the best yoga and Pilates centres that you must visit to connect with your true self.

Don’t forget to visit our blog where we offer updated content on the best trends catered towards a healthy lifestyle. Clean eating and healthy living are some of the topics discussed here.

Contact us, stay on top of the information we offer, and share it with friends and family. Write to us in our contact section for healthy and constructive feedback.